Virtual Reality (VR)

VR comes naturally to TimeSlice. For us, the same best practices and multi-cam methodologies apply whether we’re using 6 cameras, or 60 cameras.

Using the same camera sync technology as our GoPro Array, TimeSlice’s range of VR camera systems are unique and versatile.

Each camera offers exceptional 360 video quality and we have a rig for most 360 scenarios:

  • Maximum image quality / high frame rates
  • Small and restricted filming environments
  • Ruggedised for extreme weather conditions

360ยบ Post-Production – our team has extensive multi-cam post-production experience, including the cornerstone 360 video tasks of stitching, image stabilisation and rig-removal.

Our Visual-FX pipelines assure projects are delivered with maximum impact, on-time and within budget.

More coming soon